Meet the Animals

Every letter is made up of animals beginning with that letter, some are more unusual than others. This leads to conversations between little ones and grown-ups about a diverse range of species from all over the world.
Ant, Aye-aye, Albatros, Aardvark, Antelope, Arctic Fox, Alligator, Ant Eater, Alpaca
Beaver, Bearded Dragon, Brown Bear, Badger, Baboon, Barnacle, Black Widow Spider
Clown Fish, Chipmonk, Cheetah, Caterpillar, Crocodile
Dingo, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Dung Beetle, Darwin Frog, Dugong, Deer
Emu, Elephant Shrew, Earwig, Egret, Electric Eel, Elephant, Eagle Owl, Earthworm
Ferret, Fox, Flamingo, Firefly, Flounder Fish
Great White Shark, Giraffe, Gorilla, Giant Panda, Guppy, Grasshopper  
Hippopotamus, Humming Bird, Humpback Whale, Hedgehog, Hermit Crab 
Iguana, Ibis
Jellyfish, Jaguar, Jackal, Jerboa
Komodo Dragon, Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Kingfisher, King Crab
Ladybird, Leopard, Lizard, Lion
Monarch Butterfly, Mole, Mouse, Moose, Mayfly, Meerkat, Magpie
Nautilus, Netted Dragon, Narwhal, Natterjack Toad, Nilgai, Northern Shrike, Nit 
Octopus, Owl, Otter, Orangutang, Opossum, Ostrich
Panther, Parana, Pelican, Peacock, Penguin
Quail, Queen Angelfish, Quokka, Quoll
Rattle Snake, Raccoon, Rhino, Raven, Rabbit, Roadrunner, Reindeer
Sloth, Snail, Squirrel, Serval, Sea Lion, Scorpion, Sea Horse
Tiger, Terrapin, Tucan, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Uakari (a species of Monkey), Urchin, Unicorn Fish, Upupa Bird
Vervet Monkey, Vampire bat, Viper
Wasp, Whale Shark, Warthog, Walrus, Weasel, Water Buffalo
X-ray Fish, Xerus (a species of ground squirrel), Xiphias gladius (the scientific name for Sword Fish), Xylodromus affinis (a species of beetle), Xavier's Greenbul
Yak, Yellow Throated Marten, Yabby
Zebra, Zamboang Lipinia, Zebra Shark, Zapata Sparrow, Zebra Fish